Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age groups can participate in the RRCC mini soccer program?

The RRCC mini soccer program is open to any child that will be 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 years of age by the end of the year. (In 2024, this is children born 2015 – 2020).

2. My child has no soccer experience at all. Can they play?

Absolutely! No prior experience is required. Mini soccer is about getting outside, being active and having fun.

3. What are the fees for the RRCC mini soccer program?

**2024 fees

  • $120 for Preschool and Kindergarten teams ($80 program fee + $25 club fee + $15 city field fee)
  • $130 for Grade 1-3 teams ($90 program fee + $25 club fee + $15 city field fee)

*A $25 volunteer fee applies. Any parent who coaches the full season will receive a $50 refund ($25 club fee + $25 volunteer fee). Also, any parent who volunteers for a scheduled Soccer Jamboree shift will receive a $25 refund ($25 volunteer fee).
**A late processing fee of $25 will be added to any registration received after March 15.

For subsidy information, see Jump Start.

4. When is registration this year?

Online registration:

Opens February 15

Closes March 15 or when all spots are filled (whichever occurs first).

5. How quickly does registration fill up? Do you turn players away?

The RRCC Soccer program has experienced record enrollment numbers these past few years. If your child is interested in playing, we recommend registering as soon as possible. Payment is required to secure a spot on a team. A wait list will be offered to players once spots are filled.

6. How do I register?

Soccer registration is completed online. Go to: http://www.rrcc.soccer/registration/

7. What division should I register for?

To simplify the process, registration is now based on birth year.

8. I know you need coaches but I have no previous soccer or coaching experience. What can I do?

If you are able to attend games, we encourage you to consider coaching. No experience needed! Mini soccer is about getting outside, being active and having fun and we will provide support to all coaches. Plus, parents who coach get a $50 refund!

If you are truly can’t volunteer as coach, please help support your child’s coach. You can do so by offering to set up/take down nets at the beginning and end of games, organizing jerseys and forms, and/or offering to manage subs and snacks from the sidelines. And don’t forget to show your appreciation! It is sometimes easy to forget that coaches are just parents like you who are volunteering their personal time to support community soccer.

9. What does a coach have to do?

We will provide resources but basically, this is what coaches do:

  • A few warm-up exercises with kids (e.g. a lap around the field, stretching, jumping jacks, arm circles, etc.).
  • A few soccer drills before games (e.g. dribbling a ball around cones, practicing shooting on net, etc.). We follow the Canadian Soccer Association’s Active Start Program for Preschool and Kindergarten and FUNdamentals Program for Grade 1/2 and provide resources for drills.
  • Help ensure players get equal playing time (substitute lines approximately every 3 minutes).
  • Make sure players stay on the field when they are playing and on the team blanket when they are not playing.
  • Help teach good sportsmanship. Encourage players to cheer on their teammates and line up to shake hands with the opposing team after a game.

That’s it! At this age, you don’t need to be a professional soccer player to coach your child’s team. In fact, it’s completely okay if you’ve never played soccer before. It’s more about teaching kids how to be a team player (taking turns on the field, passing and sharing the ball, cheering for their teammates).

10. How many players do you assign per team?

The number of players on a team is dependent on age group and registration numbers. Our targets are:

  • Preschool: 10-12 players (with 3 players on a field at a time)
  • Kindergarten/Grade 1: 10-12 players (with 4 players on a field at a time)
  • Grade 2/3: 12-13 players (with 5 players on the field at a time)

*Team size will vary based on total enrollment numbers since we try to avoid having byes due to an odd number of teams. 

11. Is it possible for my child to play up or down a level? 

The RRCC Soccer League follows the Birth Year model based on CSA regulations to ensure players are placed on teams that are appropriate for their development and level. In the interest of fairness to all players, play down requests will not be approved; however, we will do our best to ensure your child can play with a team mate of choice in his or her age category.

In exceptional cases, we will consider play up requests where a child needs further challenge (e.g. the individual player dominates their competition) when their parent is willing to coach.

12. When will we find out team information?

We start organizing coaches as soon as registration closes! Once coaches are confirmed (usually late March), we will organize teams. Parents will be contacted by their child’s coach sometime mid April. If you have not heard from your coach by April 20, feel free to contact us directly and we can help!

In the event that no parent from a team is willing to coach, we will help your team set up a rotational system.

13Can my child play with his friend? 

We recognize the importance of friendships, however, we will not be taking any special requests to play with friends unless there is a commitment to coach.  Only those who volunteer will have their request considered. One request per registration 

14. When does your season start? How long does it run?

Weather permitting, the season will start the first week in May or last week of May (depending on the calendar) and it will run until the last week of June. There are no games scheduled on Victoria Day. Enjoy your long weekend!

15. What days are games?

All schedules will be posted on the RRCC.Soccer website. There are no make-up games for mini.

To help families with the difficult task of coordinating after-school activities, we attempt to keep game days the same year-to-year.

  • Preschoolers play Tuesday/Thursday  
  • Kindergarten/Grade 1 plays Monday/Wednesday 
  • Grade 2/3 plays Monday/Wednesday 

There are no games scheduled on Victoria Day. Enjoy your long weekend!

16. Where are games?

Games played are nearby at the Red River Community Centre

17. What happens when a game is cancelled?

Games are played come rain, snow, or shine. Only extreme weather or hazardous field conditions will cause cancellations. The RRCC.Soccer website and twitter page will note any cancellations due to weather conditions. If no cancellation is indicated and your coach has not contacted you to tell you otherwise, the game is still on!  Also an email will be sent out through the Ramp system.

Sometimes, games get played in both wet and cold weather. The rain tends to bother the parents more than it ever bothers the kids. Splash pants (over shorts) and a light jacket (under jerseys) are allowed in these conditions.

18. What equipment does our child need?

For safety reasons, all soccer players must wear shin guards. Actual cleats are not mandatory but can be helpful as runners on wet grass can be slippery. Soccer jerseys will be provided by the Red River Community Centre. Coaches generally distribute jerseys at the first game. Preschool players will also receive a soccer ball to keep!

19. Does RRCC follow any specific soccer programming?

At RRCC, we believe every player deserves the best possible soccer experience. Whether your child dreams of playing for Canada’s National Team or simply wants to have fun with their friends, taking the right approach to the game when children are young sets the stage for a lifetime of enjoyment.

We follow the Canadian Soccer Association’s Active Start Program for Preschool and FUNdamentals Program for Elementary School.

20. What day is the soccer jamboree?

The jamboree is during the last week of games.  Players and coaches are invited into the Community Centre for a Hotdog/Chips/Drink

21. What is your cancellation policy? 

View cancellation policy.

22. When is team photo day?

Teams may set up their own photo day.

Note: It is important that ALL players show up for their photo session even if they do not plan to purchase photos as photos are needed for sponsorships. Also, players who do purchase team photos will want their teammates included.

23. I have a COVID-related inquiry.

You can find COVID-related information here: http://www.rrcc.soccer/covid-19/